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How Do You Measure Success? – #NSNation Update – Week 10

How do you measure success? When losing weight, it is definitely a hard measure. That is why it is so important to set up mini-goals.  I bring this up, because I think we are hard on ourselves in a weight loss journey.  We want the weight off, and we want it off now!  However, I didn’t add 100 lbs overnight.  It took me many, many, many years to do this (and 2 babies LOL).  Truly, that is the mindset you have to have losing weight.  I can’t loss 100 lbs overnight (and if you did, you’d probably give yourself a heart attack!).  You also have to lose weight smartly.  The goal is to lose 1 – 2 lbs a week.  Now, I’ve seen all those diets out there that have you just drinking shakes and not eat real food.  Well, what do you think happens when you eat again?  You guessed it.  You put all the weight back on (and sometimes more!).  Now, I know that doesn’t hold true for everyone, but I think for the majority it does.

Back to success though, my end goal is 100 lbs.  Now, as of last week, I lost 25 pounds! (WOOHOOO!)  Is that a success or a failure?  Since I haven’t lost 25 lbs yet, have I failed?  I know you are all screaming no to me, and I have to agree.  That is why I try (key word here is try) not to get to hung up in the numbers.  I had a week where I lost nothing, and you all encouraged me (and my favorite comment was the person who told me to look at it as that I didn’t gain anything either!).  Did I fail that week?  No!  I ended up losing an additional 3.6 lbs the next week!  Granted, I would love to lose 5 lbs. a week, but that isn’t going to happen.  If it did, I’m probably not losing the weight in healthy way.  Would I like to have lost those 25 lbs faster?  Well, who wouldn’t?  Is it failure because  it took me 9 weeks instead of 4?  Absolutely not!

That is what using Nutrisytem is all about.  Losing weight in a healthy fashion, learning portion sizes (because we have been brainwashed on a true portion size), and I have to say loving yourself.  I’ve learned in this journey with all your comments that are a ton of people out there who care how I am doing both in real life and on the internet.  That gives me the motivation to keep going and keep losing more weight.  It makes me accountable to not only myself but to all of you.

Success is about meeting your goals.  However, being realistic is also part of that.  If you don’t quite meet your goal, that isn’t failure.  You just keep trying (like we tell our kids) to do our best or like Dory from Finding Nemo says “just keep swimming”.  My daughter is struggling in math on timed tests.  I didn’t tell her she sucked (like we often do to ourselves when we don’t lose as much weight as we want).  Instead, my husband and I gave her tools and goals to work towards.  We now take a timed test every night, so she gets a sense of how long she really has.  We have incentives.  If she finishes the timed test, we get McDonalds for supper (as I don’t mean me in that we.  My kids get McDonalds and I still eat my Nutrisystem meal).  Now, her last goal is to finish the test and get 100% on it.  If she does that, she gets a new Skylander for our Wii game.  Instead of setting her up to fail, we have set her up to succeed.

You also have to do that with weight loss.  Get rid of the foods that tempt you.  I don’t keep Doritos in the house for that very reason!  Change your milk to skim, your bread to wheat, and your cheese to nonfat.  Small changes help just as much as big changes.

Set yourself up for success!  Now, I think I’ve talked in enough circles for you all.  :)  I know you are awaiting this week’s progress or should we say success.


My success this week?  I’ve lost over 25 lbs. and now I am below 200 lbs!!!  For as hard as it is to admit that, I have to own it.  Only 73 more to go!

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  1. You are doing so great. Being determined is the first big step and you've grabbed hold out that with gusto. Keep on going!! Can't wait for the next update.


  2. I enjoy following this journey you are on and how you are coming to look at things and being brave enough to own them in public like this. I really connected to the comments about loving yourself. My goal this year is to not try to lose weight but rather to try and love myself as I am. It just happens that I am losing weight slowly by focusing on other things I love about myself. I have this great scale that tells me how much I have lose or gained since I first started with it and since the last time I stepped on it. It does not tell me the big number that makes me stress. So it goes down bit by bit, sometimes a little up. But just seeing a 1.4 gain brings not stress, just a shrug and back to life. I can't tell you what I weight right now, I don't honestly know and I do not want to. Numbers get in my way. I just want to work on moving more when my Fibro lets me, eating in the way that works best with my blood sugar, and reminding myself I do not have to finish my plate and if I am not hungry I do not have to eat, and if it is not something I enjoy it does not have to pass my lips. So my diet is a lot of protein, veggies and fruits, and chocolate! :)

  3. I have lost 25 also but still have much farther to go. Sometimes it is hard to hear the stories of people who lost 20 pounds in three weeks. But I know they are using radical fad diets and I am making a life change. Keep it up!!!

  4. What a remarkable inspiration you are. It's coming off for me and I am thankful you are sharing your success as it motivates me!

  5. Amazing! 27 pounds is incredible and you should be so proud!!! Honestly, the hardest part is just starting the process so I think you're on your way to success! Congrats!!! I need to lose some baby weight and you're inspiring me to start my own journey

  6. You need to set attainable goals, and try not to think because you lost one battle here or there that you have lost the war. There will be bad days – it happens – but you can't let one bad day completely throw you off.

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