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Morphology Junior

morphologyOne of the funnest games out there has to be Morphology. It isn’t your typical board game!

You need 4 or more players. First, you divide into teams. Next, pick your playing piece and which set of cards you are going to use (easy or hard). Decide if you are going to read the hints. Then decide who the morphologist is going to be. Now, I know you are wondering what the heck a morphologist is. Well, that is the person who takes the pieces from the game (it comes with 35 building pieces) and make the word you have come to life. Your team now has to guess what the morphologist build. On each turn, the morphologist changes.

Morphology is a super fun game. We really enjoyed this family game. It allowed everyone to flex their creative muscles and a ton of laughs ensued. I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids! Highly recommend!

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