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My Visit To Rug Doctor

Being a blogger sometimes has its perks. One of them is being able to attend blogger trips where I get the inside look at a company.

I love Rug Doctor. It is one of those products that you have to see to believe. You can see what wonders the Rug Doctor did in my home when I rented one last year before Madison’s communion.  It is impressive.

Learning more about Rug Doctor was even more impressive.

At the plant I visited in St. Louis, they bottle 9 million bottles a year! That equals out to being 25,000 gallons bottled a day. They run 1 8 hour shift a day.

What impressed me a lot was that they keep a sample of every solutions for 5 years! If you call with an issue with their solution, they can go back to the batch that your bottle came out of and figure out why it didn’t work correctly!

I also was surprised to see that these machines are built by hand. By real people. I was absolutely floored the level of quality control they have. Each step down the line, the person checks the work of the person before them before starting their own work.

They can build 35 different versions on the line. (Each store has its own variations of the same machine. Crazy, I know!). They can flip which machine they are making out 4 times a day. It takes about 1 hr 15 minutes from start to finish to build!

After the machine is assembled, they check the whole machine over yet again.

I had to take a picture of this sign, because, well, it made me laugh.

Now, you always wonder if it works as good as you see. Do you see how brown that rug is (that was done with soda and dirt!)? Yes, we watched with our very own eyes it lift up that ick.

Even us bloggers got to try it!

I learned so much about Rug Doctor in my trip to St. Louis. I knew they were a quality product when I rented one, but I had no idea what a great company they were too!

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  1. The hissing sign made me laugh too. All places should be more welcoming to bloggers. That carpet y'all cleaned up was a mess. I made sure when we bought a house that it had 0 carpet. I hate it. Maybe if we had rug doctor I wouldn't hate it so much?

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