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Neighborhood Toy Store Day 2012

The third annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day is Saturday, November 10th this year! Participating stores will host local in-store events for families (such as activities, craft projects, live performances, special discounts, etc) to help kick off the holiday shopping season and celebrate the joy of shopping for toys! I personally love shopping at local toy stores. You can find toys there that your big box stores will not sell. Where is your local Neighborhood Toy Store? Check out to find yours!

Why shop local? There are just so many reasons why! Did you know that for every $100 spent in local stores, $68 returns to the community in the form of taxes, salaries, charitable contributions, and more! For every $100 spent at a national chain, only $43 reenters the community. Shopping locally also fosters a sense of community and provides economic stability, community development, reduced environmental impact, a diverse product selection, and better customer services. Independent toy stores also carry high quality speciality items you aren’t going to find at a big box store.

For example, we got to try out a new toy you should find at your local neighborhood toy store called Loopdedoo. Madison’s at the age where finding her new and cool things to do is getting increasingly more difficult. However, Loopdedoo is right up her alley. Loopdedoo is a spinning tool that allows you to make twisted accessories like bracelets and belts. Seriously, this is every 8 year olds dream. Madison and her friends are all into these creative toys that allow you to make real things that they can wear! Loopdedoo comes with 1 spinning tool and 18 skeins of colorful embroidery string (which also makes it easy to buy more when you run out. And you will run out. Trust me!). Loopdedoo is a winner of ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids 2012 award for Creative Arts Play. I definitely know why! It is awesome. Loopdedoo was chosen for its ability to promote open-ended and creative play, it’s creative design features, and its exceptional safety standards. It’s definitely a gift that should be under your tree this holiday season!

I hope that you will check out your local neighborhood toy store on November 10th. You won’t be disappointed!

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