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Pet Benefit

IMG_1713There are many pet owners who only want the best for their pets.  That is where Pet Benefit comes into play.

Beauty & Health USA was established to bring exclusive products from Diva International in Italy which has been operating for over 20 years in the cosmetics industry, specializing in manufacturing and supplying wet wipes, both under its own brand and for third parties.

The pink package is Eye and Muzzle Wipes.  They can be used on both cats and dogs, and it contains 12 pet cleansing wipes.  They are just right for sanitizing and cleaning around your pets eyes and muzzle.  These wipes can be used on all types and breeds too and only leave a clean scent.  They are refreshing and soothing with Chamomile Extract.

The orange package is Hygiene For Ears.  These wipes eliminate secretions and impurities that can cause itching and infections with chamomile extract.  These are for dogs and also leave your pet with a fresh clean scent.

Lastly, there is the Sanitary Wipes for Floors.  No matter how well trained your dog is, they are bound to have an accident (even if it is once a blue moon).  These wipes protect your entire family’s environment.  These are for all types of non-wooden flooring.  They effectively clean and leave behind a clean smell.  They are also non-streaking and no rinsing is required.  These are perfect for use in all areas where your pet sleeps and eats or near litter boxes and mats.

If you have a pet, you definitely need to check out Pet Benefit.

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