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Prince Hans aka Santino Fontana Interview – #DisneyFrozenEvent

Disclosure: This event and trip to LA was an all expense paid journey sponsored by Disney. All thoughts, ideas, and ramblings are 100% my own

Sometimes my job is so hard. I mean, really, I get to look at I mean interview talented actors like Santino Fontana.



Yes, he is this good looking in person.  For those who don’t know, Santino Fontana is playing Prince Charming on Broadway right now.  He also was the voice of Hans in Frozen.

Now, have you seen Frozen yet?  If not, I’m going to do my best to NOT give away anything here!


One of the first things I wanted to know was if Hans was anything like him. Santino’s response:

Little bits and pieces are definitely. Like any role, it’s kind of a match of your imagination and your experience. Hans doesn’t have a huge sense of humor. I like to think that I have a good sense of humor. I like to keep people laughing or myself laughing, because life is too hard otherwise. I’d say we’re pretty different. He has red hair. [LAUGHING.] Never could happen.

We then asked him what’s it like playing his role?

It’s pretty great. It’s pretty liberating, because it’s kind of the freest sense. I always think of like trying to get to the place of the floor is lava; that feeling of like you’re a little kid. If I can get to that place, it’s pretty thrilling. The great thing about animation is you’re not limited by anything physical or even logical. You know what I mean? You can totally be in a place of nothing but imagination. My job is just to generate creative ideas, and it’s their job to make it all make sense.

How did you start your Broadway career? Were you in elementary productions?

I forced my family to do a Thanksgiving play in our garage, and I was the turkey in preschool. I did kind of always do it. I also played baseball. I mean, I was a big baseball player. I always liked bringing people together and telling a story that kind of united them. I don’t think as a preschooler I thought ah, I want to be an actor.



What do you think about Anna?

That’s tricky. I like Anna a lot. I feel like Elsa, no, there’s too much going on there. [LAUGHING.] That is too complicated. I’m sure there’s someone out there for her, but I don’t know who. I mean, you’ve got the magic stuff and then she’s got some emotional stuff, you know. She’s not that eager to look into it. I like her, but I’d want to be friends with her out of fear that she would make me freeze if I didn’t.

Why did you want to play Hans?

‘Cause I would be a doll. [LAUGHING.] No, that was a surprise. I loved Aladdin as a kid and I remember be, seeing all those movies. I remember the day we all (me and my family and my family’s friends) we all went to see Little Mermaid, and I remember going to all those great Disney movies and being obsessed with them. I remember being obsessed with Robin Williams in Aladdin. The idea to be a part of that family is so exciting. It’s something new and I think most actors are always looking for something that’s exciting and new, that we haven’t really done.

What are your thoughts on Frozen?

I’m just so proud to be part of it. I think it’s gorgeous to look at, and I think it’s so moving. I’m so moved by the sister story and by them being so alone and finding each other. I think that’s so moving and a story that we haven’t heard. I think it’s really funny and it’s also like an action movie in a way. On Broadway, I fight a tree giant every night, and in this, I’m fighting like a giant old snow man.

I did my best to not give away anything to those who have not seen Frozen yet. Santino Fontana was super nice and a joy to talk too.

Any questions I should have asked? Did you learn anything you didn’t know?

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  1. Great interview! I love reading the actors interview before I go see the film. Makes me feel more connected to the part-even when’s animation!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time interviewing. I am enjoying reading all about your frozen adventures, sure sounds like this was a real highlight for you! Lucky girl.

  3. WOW..this sure looked like a fun interview.. sooo jealous.. I love Frozen and can’t wait till it comes on DVD so I can watch it over and over..thanks for sharing, love seeing the face of the voice behind a character

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