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Raggs Contest and Twitter Party!

I am helping one of my friends with a Twitter Party tomorrow night and would love for any of you to attend!  No, seriously — there’s tons of prizes to be had:

1. Grand prize: $100 Gift Card (1)
2. Raggs Rocks DVD Activity Books (10)
3. Raggs Pawtographs (signed photo from The Raggs Band) (10)
4. Plush Toys (5)
5. Raggs Back Pack (5)

Isn’t that awesome?  Go check out The Media Moms to find out what you have to do to enter!  The twitter party will have experts in getting your children in media and print!  They will teach you how to avoid scams too.

Now, the other part of this post is for the Raggs contest.  This is pretty cool.  You can your kids on the Raggs TV show.  All you have to do is create a 2-3 minute video and upload it to their site!  Winners will travel like true rock stars and get an all expenses paid trip to tape an upcoming Raggs episode!  This contest goes through the end of June.

These are two events that you are going to be a part of!

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