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Review: The Blogging Planner

If you are a regular reader here, you will know that I’ve gotten sick. I also just had surgery last week (what, you didn’t notice? You’ll find out why in this post.) My organization method for all my blogging stuff (and my life) has always been in my head. Then I got sick with Hashimoto’s (for those who aren’t following along) which is a thyroid disorder, and my brain is a fuzzy mess most of the time. I’m in the process of getting treatment for that (it takes months to get into an endocrinologist here!). However, that being said, all bloggers really need to get their hands on The Blogging Planner.


Keeping track of things any other way than The Blogging Planner is just absurd. I was one of those bloggers who didn’t think I needed this, Hashimoto’s I have been blogging for 7 years. My system was working. However, it really wasn’t. I totally was making everything a lot harder on myself. Even though I do live a lot online, I am a paper person. I keep lists of what I need to do on paper. I have a paper calendar. Needless to say, The Blogging Planner was a perfect fit for me once I got past the fact that I can’t use my head anymore.


I love that this blogging planner was created by 2 bloggers. They know what you need and have laid out the book, so you can become a better blogger. I love that I have a full view calendar. For me, it allowed to me lay out the Twitter parties I am hosting plus posts that have static review dates. I was also able to add in my kids’ commitments, so I know exactly what I have going on each day.


For me, I used the “Notes” portion of the book to keep track of all the reviews I had to do! With two blogs, it is quite a bit. I now know what is sitting in front of me in all the boxes.


I also love how it helps me lay out my week. I also can track my giveaways and any paid posts I may have. The giveaways were so helpful when I was out for the count this last week or so due to my surgery. I am able to see when I started them and when they end, so I know when to pick winners. I am also able to track when I have payments coming in. Not everybody pays right away — you have your net 30, net 60, net 90, etc. Nobody can remember in their head when everybody pays out.


For me, I really like the weekly calendar to lay out what posts are going on what blog and when. It allows me to schedule. Yes, you may not have noticed I had surgery and have been gone for a week just due to me scheduling posts for you all to read. However, I have to keep track of when each post goes up to make sure you I’m not scheduling 5 posts for today and none for tomorrow! The Blogging Planner definitely allowed me to do that.

If you are a new blogger or an experienced blogger, I can only recommend The Blogging Planner.  It has definitely made my life a whole lot easier (plus it’s the perfect gift for the blogger who already has everything!). This is one of those products that I don’t know how I lived without it! The Blogging Planner is available in two sizes: Travel (8.5? x 5.5?) and Executive (11? x 8.5?), and I’d love both (I did review the executive one).

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  1. I definitely need to become more organized, and this looks like a great way to do it. Love that there is a travel size, too.

  2. First off, my partner has Hashimoto’s and after almost a year, we are finally getting to a balance point. I wish you the very best. Second, this books sounds like something I really need.

  3. This is exactly what I need! I’ve already planning on getting more organized this coming year and this would be perfect. Thanks!

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