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Rodents and other creatures that go bump in the night

Let me tell you about the house next door to me. In March of 2006, a builder bought the house next door. It sat for a really long time before they bothered to tear it down. Then it took them forever to put something up in its place. Now, I have a house that is half finished sitting next to me. In theory, that should be okay. However, it isn’t since they haven’t bothered closing off the place. On the weekends, teenagers like to throw parties in there and leave their garbage in there. Also, the lawn has never been cut since they bought place. Actually, there is no lawn anymore. It is just a yard of weeds. This makes a perfect breeding ground for a bunch of creatures I really do not want to be living next door too.

On Halloween, we were able to talk to my neighbors, and we found out how bad the problem has really gotten. Rich, my neighbor who lives across the street, is working nights and has seen a possum already. Bill, my neighbor who lives on the other side of the house in question, actually went in it a couple of weeks ago. He is the one that found all of the other unwelcome guests living inside there.

I personally am not sure what to do. We have contacted the people like animal control and the police, and they are doing nothing about this house. Putting poison out is not really an option for me, since I have two young children who too easily can get into that. I am not saying that this is the best option, but I know that Rich is looking at air guns as I write this.

This Weihrauch HW45 looks like exactly what he may be looking for. I know, the animal cruelty people are going to come out and tell me how inhumane this is. Well, talk to me after you end up with a rat or worse in your house this winter. I live in Chicago. It gets darn cold here, and the kids will stop partying there and leaving food for them to eat. If we don’t contain this problem, these creatures will be trying to enter my house and my neighbors’ houses, and we all have younger children. Since Rich lives across the street, he actually has the best vantage point. Bill (neighbor) and I have fences, so it is tad hard to see what is coming and going from that house. I would love to make his day and be able to pick this up for him. I even found a 5% off coupon on the site (that sells these). To get the coupon, all you need to do is email them any errors on their site or any suggestions about things you would like changed, and they will email you a coupon code. How’s that for customer service?

When I drop Madison off at school this afternoon, I think I am going to stop over there and show him this. I am pretty sure that this is what he was looking for. How would you deal with this problem?

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  1. I wouldnt deal with it with a gun, its never the answer. How about setting cage traps, or bring it up at a town board meeting. they even sell some sort of rodent deterent that is noise.

    There is a better way, just have to find it.

  2. The air gun would be fun for target shooting, that's for sure!

    As for the rats, weeds and other pests, go to the county health department and file a complaint. Talk to your city council representative, too, but definitely the health department. If you have a building code department, try them, too. What you have next door is a public safety concern.

  3. Want to know the kicker? This house is going to sell for over $400,000. This house also sat with just the foundation done for over 6 months. We had the police here weekly due to kids wanting to play by it. My neighbors and I were worried they would fall into the 8 foot hole.

    Here's the weird thing — you would think they would have to have some sort of permit displayed and they don't.

  4. I almost fell out of my chair when I read air gun 10 years ago we had a cat that would come into our garage and crap everywhere I used my sons bb gun and sat for over 2 hours untill I caught the cat sneeking into the house I shot him I know a horrible thing to do but it scared him so bad never had a problem with him again. Weeks later the neighbor complained a cat was crapping all over his garage I guess he moved.

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