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Sexual Offender Alert

So I subscribe to a service that tell me when sex offenders move into my area. I just got one this morning that is a bit to close to my house. I am debating if I should be worried. The guy is a Sexual Predaror. Taken from the Illinois Sex Offender Site: ‘Sexual predator’ means any person who is convicted of a violation or attempted violation of the following sections of the Criminal Code of 1961, and the conviction occurred after July 1, 1999:

* Keeping a Place of Juvenile Prostitution;
* Juvenile Pimping;
* Exploitation of a Child;
* Child Pornography;
* Criminal Sexual Assault, if the victim is under age 12;
* Criminal Sexual Assault, regardless of the victim’s age (if convicted on or
after January 1,2006);
* Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault;
* Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault;
* Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse;
* Ritualized Abuse of a Child;
* Conviction of first degree murder, when the victim was a person under 18 years
of age and the defendant was at least 17 years of age at the time of the
commission of the offense;
* Certified as a Sexually Dangerous Person pursuant to the Sexually Dangerous
Persons Act or any substantially similar federal, sister state, or foreign
country law;
* Found to be Sexually Violent pursuant to the Sexually Violent Commitment Act or
any substantially similar federal, sister state, or foreign country law;
* Convicted of a 2nd or subsequent offense, after July 1, 1999 which would
require registration pursuant to the Sex Offender Registration Act; or
* A conviction for an offense of federal law, Uniform Code of Military Justice,
law of another state or foreign country that is substantially equivalent to any
of the these offenses listed above.

Sexual Predators are required to register annually for their natural life.


I have a two year old. Should I be worried?

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  1. I am worried for you. I wouldn't want this person next door to my grandchild. Maybe your neighbors can start a protest within the community to put the pressure on authorities to get them moved to someplace else (a desert island!) It worked in California as I see neighbors raising cane with authorities and they get moved. Goos luck!

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