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Get Sexy Abs and Slim-down with Brooke Burke!

30dayslimMother of four Brooke Burke has come out with two brand new and challenging workout DVDs to help sculpt, tone, and tighten your muscles:  30-day Slim Down and Sexy Abs.  Her easy to follow workouts will help keep you on track to achieve your weight loss goals for the year, and you can sculpt your body in the privacy of your own living room.  (Who has the time or the money for the gym nowadays?)  These workouts combine Brooke’s favorite moves that burn fat, tone muscles, and make you sweat.

Sexy Abs has 3 20 minute abdominal workouts.  They focus on the core muscles.  It features Brooke’s top 16 abdominal exercises that have worked for her.

The 30 day Slim Down is an efficient total body workout that balances cardio with sculpting and toning moves.

I have to admit that I like these videos.  You don’t have to be a fitness buff to follow them.  I can actually do the exercises, and I don’t feel dead to the world the next day.  I also love that these are short workouts, so you can easily fit them into your busy day.  I love that the women working out with her actually look like normal people and not workout buffs.  They are also moms (which gets mentioned more than once).

If you are looking for a great workout video, I highly recommend both of these!

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