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Smart Cart

As I get ready to go to Green Bay, I have to tell you about the Smart Cart.


The Smart Cart weighs less than 3 lbs empty and folds to only 2? tall! It is definitely something you can easily put away when not in use (and great to leave in your trunk for grocery trips without it taking up your entire trunk!). The weight capacity is 110 lbs., but you would never ever know it. It distributes the weight, so you don’t feel like anything is in the cart!


I am a huge fan of the Smart Carts. I love that they have come out with new designs. I also love that they just work like they are suppose to and are easy enough for my kids to use!


What do I use my Smart Cart for? Let me count the ways:

  1. Delivering Girl Scout Cookies
  2. Brownie troop supplies (I used my smart cart to keep all of our supplies in one place. Since it was on wheels, it made it so much easier to bring it in for the meetings. I was a Girl Scout Troop Leader this year.)
  3. Stuff to do in the car.  I fill up our Smart Cart with stuff to keep my kids busy on car trips.
  4. Conferences.  It works great to fill up with press releases and stuff.
  5. Travel!

We use the Smart Cart the most when traveling!  Everybody has their own Smart Cart for their clothes.  I can get an entire weekend worth of clothes and then some in there!  (I overpack).  I don’t know what I’d do without my Smart Cart!

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