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Travel With Me Jet Heads

My family and I travel a lot. This year was our first plane trip with the kids, and they did pretty well. However, after we came home, I learned something about the pillows on planes that completely grossed me out. Did you know that airlines don't change their pillowcases after every flight?  That pillow the airline just charged you to use is probably … [Read more...] about Travel With Me Jet Heads

Flying Nowadays

If you read my travel blog, I outlined all the airlines and the baggage fees that they (the airlines) are now collecting.  I seriously swear it is getting to the point that if you have the wrong color bag, they are going to charge.  A lot of the airlines are also charging for blankets, pillows, soft drinks, water, and anything else you can think off.  In this … [Read more...] about Flying Nowadays


I am doing laundry right now and trying to figure out what I should pack for the Pampers Event. I only need a change of clothes and pajamas. I am still trying to figure out if I should pack some jewelry or not. My biggest struggle is whether or not I should check my luggage.  Clothes wise, not an issue.  However, I have lots of stuff that is over 3 oz like … [Read more...] about Packing