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The Haunting Hour: The Series

Who doesn't like being scared?  In time for Halloween, Shout Factory and The Hub TV Network, are releasing R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour:  The Series Volume 1 and Volume 2 on DVD.  Volume 1 has 5 scary episodes from the first season plus some special bonus content.  Volume 2 has 5 more ghoulish episodes, and more special bonus features. The Haunting Hour: … [Read more...] about The Haunting Hour: The Series

The Shopping Trip

Ok, so clothes shopping yesterday wasn't the end of the world. I actually found everything I needed at Target. I had a gift certificate (Thanks Ted!), so I used that to buy two pairs of shorts and two shirts. I bought myself a new pair of shoes too, since I could not find my sandals (which magically appeared after I got home). Normally trying to find … [Read more...] about The Shopping Trip

I’ve got a secret for mommy bloggers. . .

Want to get paid to talk about the things you love (and some that you don't like quite as much)? Well, Izea (the company that brought you PayPerPost) will be shortly offering a new service called SocialSpark. This brings in a new era of blogging for advertisers and bloggers alike. SocialSpark is both a social networking site and a place to find things to … [Read more...] about I’ve got a secret for mommy bloggers. . .

The Altitude

I always thought altitude sickness was just kinda made up. Well, now being in Arizona, I have definitely learned different. We are on the second level of our building, so we have to walk down a flight of stairs and then walk up another flight to get to our car (it is hard to explain, but you would have to see it know what I am talking about). I will admit … [Read more...] about The Altitude