The Mouse, The Monster, and Me and Liking Me Review

Want to teach your children nonviolent problem solving skills? Thenn The Mouse, The Monster, and Me and Liking Me are two books you should take a look at. The Mouse, The Monster, and Me is about teaching aggressive kids to get their needs met without being "monsters" or bullies.  It also teaches passive kids ("mice") to stand up for themselves.  This book … [Read more...]

Entrecard Forums Censoring Again

I really do like Entrecard.  I really do.  However, some of the missteps that have occurred over are just crazy.  One of the ongoing missteps is their moderators on their forums.  This was an issue a while back before.  New forums popped up due to the censorship that a lot of the members were feeling on the Entrecard forums.  Seriously, that was how bad it … [Read more...]

Autism vs Brats

This video angers me. If you know somebody with autism, it will anger you too! I cannot believe that he equates loudmouth kids to those who have autism. My cousin is a special education teacher too. They don't give the answers to anybody. Obviously, he has never dealt with children with disabilities before … [Read more...]