Why Is the Sea Salty?: And Other Questions about Oceans (Good Question!)

What kinds of animals live in the sea? What causes tides and waves? How deep is the ocean From the water cycle and ocean zones to fun facts about how some lost rubber duckies ended up helping ocean scientists, this Good Question! book teaches kids about the life aquatic. Why Is the Sea Salty?: And Other Questions about Oceans (Good Question!) will ...continue reading

From Bautista To Destroyer: Dave Bautista Interview #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyEvent

Can you believe that Guardians of the Galaxy made over $94 million dollars this last weekend? Isn't that amazing? Guardians of the Galaxy is so good, and one of the reasons why is Drax who is played by Dave Bautista. Dave Bautista was amazing to talk to. He seemed pretty amazed that 25 bloggers wanted to interview him. We learned a lot about him ...continue reading


Tapple Board Game is an awesome game.   First, you choose a category for the round and in 10 seconds, name an answer starting with an available letter on the TAPPLE wheel. Then reset the timer and pass it on. If you can't think of an answer in time, you are out. The last player standing scores the round. It sounds so totally easy.  However, ...continue reading

Countdown To Christmas: Ten Thousand Villages

Since 1946, Ten Thousand Villages has supported the work of artisans in over 30 countries including Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.  The company has grown to over 145 retail stores.  They continually strive to improve the lives of artisans in developing countries through the expansion of fair trade.  Most of its artisan partners use ...continue reading