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Chapstick Hydration Lock

Did you know that the skin on your lips has unique properties which distinguish the lips from the skin on the rest of the body and requires special attention?  Lips need more help to stay smooth than the rest of the body because lips don’t have the same amount of natural oils as the rest of the skin.  I had no idea, but lips also visibly age, just like the … [Read more...] about Chapstick Hydration Lock

EcoLiner Hanging Baskets

Avant Garden Decor has a new line of CobraCo Hanging Baskets with EcoLiners. The EcoLiners are made from recycled paper products. They are also designed to reduce watering needs by 50%. For somebody who always forgets to water her plants, that is an awesome feature! Unlike a standard coconut liner, the EcoLiner™ maintains soil moisture longer during the warm … [Read more...] about EcoLiner Hanging Baskets

Redakai Giveaway

This fall, a new game is being introduced called Redakai. It is a collectible 3-D trading card game that is in conjunction with the series on Cartoon Network. Redakai is a game that can be played in many ways. There is version that is more basic and then you have the most complex tournament level. This allows almost every age to play Redakai. Each pack comes … [Read more...] about Redakai Giveaway

State Farm Giveaway!

This giveaway is now over.  The winner is Shawna O and Cori Westphal.  Congrats! Go take a peak outside in your garage. Is it embarrassing? Is it everything you could hope it could be? I'm going to guess it's not. I know mine isn't. I think we are even storing mattresses in mine! I'd be embarrassed if any of you wanted to see my garage! State Farm … [Read more...] about State Farm Giveaway!