Disney Pixar Spot it! Words Giveaway!

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Learning gets a head start with the educational editions of the best selling matching game Spot it! Disney Pixar - Words.  Every circular card has an assortment of Disney images and symbols in varying sizes and orientations. Players race to spot the one matching symbol that exists between any two cards in the deck.  You will be matching two … [Read more...]

Combat Giveaway!

I don't care who you are -- you've had ants in your house at least once. The last couple of years, we ended up with ants in my kitchen. Just the little itty bitty ones, but we still get them. However, this year with the crazy weather we've had, we ended up with ants in the basement instead. My kids are terrible about leaving the juice and food down there. … [Read more...]

Artterro Art Dolls Kit

With Madison turning eight right around the corner, I have to tell you that it is hard to find stuff for that age group. They are growing out of princesses, but they aren't quite tweens either. However, I have found the perfect gift. Madison is super creative, so the Artterro Art Dolls Kit was right up her alley. This kit features a unique assortment of … [Read more...]

The Wild Thornberrys: Season One

My kids and I are a fan of Nickelodeon and the old and the new shows.  When I heard that they were going to release the first season of The Wild Thornberrys, I knew I had to get my hands on it!  If you don't remember, The Wild Thornberrys premiered in 1998 and aired until 2004 with the reruns playing on Nicktoons.  It was also on CBS from 2002-2007.  The … [Read more...]