Purry Logic Review and Giveaway!

If you need a gift for all the cat lovers in your life, Purry Logic is it! This books is all about cats.  Now, I personally am not the cat lover in this house.  However, I have two little ones who absolutely adore cats.  Needless to say, they loved this book.  The book is well illustrated with different kinds of cats on each page.  Each cat is doing its own ...continue reading

Countdown To Christmas: I'm Not Santa!

Im Not Santa! is a cute book about a case of mistaken identity.  It takes a visit from the Jolly Old Man himself to sort this out.  This book is perfect for any little kids that have short attention spans.  It is simple and to the point.  The illustrations are great too.   I would actually say that this is more of a picture book than a story book.  This is ...continue reading

Countdown To Christmas: Are You Ready to Play Outside?

Are You Ready to Play Outside? is a book about two unlikely friends: a pig and an elephant.  This book is excellent for the beginning reader.  Each page has about a line on it, and it is a fairly short book.  It definitely will hold the attention of any child even if they have a short attention span.  The illustrations, while simple, definitely add to the ...continue reading

Countdown To Christmas: Giddio Audio Adventures

We often travel to Wisconsin to visit my family. It is a 4 hour drive, so are always looking for ways to keep the kids busy and entertained.  Bill hates to stop, so it is a long four hours.  A great item to check out for car rides, bedtime, and really any time is the Giddio Audio Adventures.  We listened to the Billy Brown Goes Hiking CD on our drive home, ...continue reading