Product Recalls You Should Know About


Before I talk about BlogHer, I have to pass on these product recalls in case any of you have these products in your home. Children's hooded sweatshirts with drawstrings – posing a strangulation hazard Bonavita "Cabana" drop side cribs - slats can detach or break creating a gap, which can pose an entrapment and strangulation hazard to infants and … [Read more...]

Scrunch Bottle Bibs

With having a new baby in the family (my sister, not me), I am finding all the cool new baby products out there. I often find myself questioning why some of these products weren't out when my kids were little (and my kids are 5 and 2!). It is amazing all of the new things that come out. It's also amazing to see what other women come up with to help us moms … [Read more...]

Baby Happy Baby Sad

A book that Will loves in our house is Baby Happy Baby Sad.  This is one book in a series about a diaper clad baby giving us his take on life.  This book is about two emotions little ones certainly understand:  happy and sad.  This board book is great, because Will can't rip the pages.  It also is short enough that it hold his attention span.  The … [Read more...]

Virtual Baby Shower: The First Years Kickin' Coaster

This has to be one of the coolest new baby toys on the market.  I wish that The First Years Kickin' Coaster was around when my kids were little, because both of them would have absolutely loved it!  Most of the baby chairs out there really don't give your kids anything to do.  I love that the Kickin' Coaster keeps them occupied!  It is for newborn babies up … [Read more...]