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If you are anything like me, you go shopping at the mall, walk out, and have zero idea where you parked your car. I know there has been a few times where I thought about calling for help to find my vehicle after circling the lot about 100 times! We've all been there. I know that! LOL How woyld you like the first Smart Car Charger & Car Locator on the … [Read more...] about ZUS

Playing Juliet

If you are looking for a great book for a middle schooler, Playing Juliet is a great one! Beth Sondquist dreams of playing the part of Juliet.  She’s determined to become a real actress.  However, all her hopes for an acting career come crashing down when the Oakfield Children’s Theater is to be closed!  The new owner is making it into an … [Read more...] about Playing Juliet

Rick Brick and the Quest to Save Brickport

Will loves any book that has to do with Legos, so Rick Brick and the Quest to Save Brickport was a perfect choice for him. It's not too overwhelming for him and is about something that actually interests him. Rick Brick is an architect who remembers the days when Brickport was gleaming and prosperous. Cerrently, the city crumbles under corruption, poverty, … [Read more...] about Rick Brick and the Quest to Save Brickport

2016 Guinness World Records

The world's best-selling annual is back and bursting with thousands of amazing new records, never-before-seen images and mind-boggling trivia. My kids love the 2016 Guinness World Records book! As well as all your favorite records for talented pets, superhuman achievements, big stuff and extreme vehicles, you'll find so many brand-new categories! Topics … [Read more...] about 2016 Guinness World Records