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Choosing the Best Flooring

When it comes to flooring, there seems to endless amounts of choices from natural hardwoods to carpeting. You might find yourself stuck on which is the perfect choice for your home, and the entire process can seem incredibly daunting and stressful. When choosing the best flooring for a specific room, consider the following: What’s the size of the room … [Read more...] about Choosing the Best Flooring

Best Types of Vinyl Shutters for Your Home

Vinyl shutters are far superior to other kinds of shutters available on the market. Not only do they last for years, they also save on energy and electricity bills. When you choose vinyl shutters, you know that you’re investing in a quality product that will stand the test of time—this is the easy part of the process. Once you have understood the benefits of … [Read more...] about Best Types of Vinyl Shutters for Your Home

Weekend plans

I'm so happy to get this crazy weekend behind me. Not coming home from camping till Tuesday really threw off everybody here. We have a pretty tame weekend this weekend though. We'll be heading out to a Kane County Cougars game tonight and that's pretty much all I have planned. That being said, I have a few house projects I want to get done this … [Read more...] about Weekend plans

The Big Debate: Should You Choose a Shower Or a Bath?

This is a guest post. When remodeling a bathroom, choosing whether to fit a shower cubicle or a bath can prove to be a tricky dilemma. For instance, shower tray repair is generally easier to complete than bath repairs, yet most people find a long, hot bath to be the most relaxing activity around. However, the ease of shower tray repair is far from the … [Read more...] about The Big Debate: Should You Choose a Shower Or a Bath?