Fathers Day Ideas

With all the craziness in my life right now, I am still worried about what to get my dad and husband for Father's Day. Since Bill didn't get me anything for Mother's Day, I am considering not getting him anything. LOL. On a more serious note, I've been checking out my most favorite website ever: Best Buy. As my long time readers know, my family and I … [Read more...]

Forever Stamps

Did you know that the stamp rate increased today? I had to mail the invitations for Will's birthday party out, and I didn't have any forever stamps. Instead, I had a bunch of 41 cent stamps. Nowadays though, I think the Forever Stamp is really your best buy. Why? Once you buy a Forever Stamp, you can always use it even if the rates go up.  I didn't buy … [Read more...]

Think good thoughts . . .

Is what I am trying to do that right now. We just finished Christmas shopping this afternoon and had stayed up till midnight wrapping presents (we aren't done yet either). My freaking out right now probably has more to do with my lack of sleep than anything. My house is still in one piece (kinda) and everybody is okay, so I should be happy. Last years … [Read more...]

The Camcorder Fiasco

Bill and I bought a camcorder before we got married (which would make it almost 7 years old).  We have used it a couple of times since we bought it.  Madison has a concert Thursday at preschool that I HAVE to tape.  Yes, HAVE.  Bill still doesn't know if he can make it.  My parents and sister can no way make it.  Therefore, I have to tape it.  Sunday night, … [Read more...]