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Adventure Time: Jake The Dad

My kids and husband love Adventure Time. They DVR the show when it's on. They search You Tube for Finn and Jake videos (and yes, there are many of them). Needless to say that they were beyond excited when they found out that Adventure Time is now on DVD. Hours of endless enjoyment for them! Adventure Time: Jake the Dad, theall-new compilation DVD release, … [Read more...] about Adventure Time: Jake The Dad

Cooper's Pack Travel Guide to New York City

In this latest adventure in the Cooper’s Pack children's travel guide series, Cooper heads off for New York City to see his old friend Phinney the Bear. Phinney is a long-time New Yorker and takes Cooper under his wing to show him what it is like to be in America’s largest and most active city. Follow the two as they visit Central Park, see NYC from the … [Read more...] about Cooper's Pack Travel Guide to New York City

Planet Dog

Planet Dog has everything you dog could ever want.  Seriously.  I was able to try out some of their puppy toys (see above pictures), and there is not a toy that Daisy (our 11 week old puppy) does not like to play with.  I LOVE ( I can't stress enough) their Orbee Bones.  They are awesome for teething.  Best of all (well for me at least), they are minty.  My … [Read more...] about Planet Dog

Yeah! My Tv Is Back!

I have catching up on all my shows that have been TIVO'd all week long. I am so glad that the writers are back! I was getting bored watching reruns that I have seen a million times already. So far tonight, I have watched Criminal Minds, Numbers, and CSI (Las Vegas). It still floors me that on these shows that they can find a fingerprint on, say, a gold … [Read more...] about Yeah! My Tv Is Back!