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Easy Playtown

Do you like toys that your kids need to use their brains instead of batteries? Do you want them to exercise their creativity? If so, then the Easy Playtown is just for you. These are great for tabletop and floor play, and are great for wherever kids and their imaginations go! Each of these buildings are easily put together. You just fold them. It's so … [Read more...] about Easy Playtown

Scrabble Catch Phrase Giveaway!

Do you think you could get your friends to guess “No brainer” WITHOUT saying the words “no” or “brain”? You can gesture and you can say anything else, but you you’ve got to do it fast, because they’ve got to say it before time runs out. With thousands of phrases across five cool categories, there’s fun for everyone! Scrabble Catch Phrase is the grab it, … [Read more...] about Scrabble Catch Phrase Giveaway!

KNEX Building Sets

The Rally Sport Racer uses classic K'NEX pieces to build a rally sport racer and race to the finish line! It comes with 113 pieces and is for 7 and up. Madison has no problems putting this together. The enclosed directions make it super easy. However, Will has been having a field day with it. He loves his "car". I love that you can build this into … [Read more...] about KNEX Building Sets

Being A Mom

Being a mom is one of the easiest and one of the hardiest jobs you'll ever do.  As I was informed this morning from my 3 year old, today is NOT Mother's Day.  It is Patrick's Day.  I did have to wrack my brains on that one and figured out he thinks today is St. Patrick's Day!  Instead of arguing with a stubborn 3 year old, we are just going with it.  :)  And … [Read more...] about Being A Mom