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Changes – #NSNation Update – Week 18

After a crazy holiday weekend, I have a video and a post for you all! (Please forgive the sweaty hot look I've got going. It's been almost a hundred today again, and I spent the day running around to different stores.) The cool thing that the video shows is that the shorts I bought today were a size 16. When I started my Nutrisystem journey, I was … [Read more...] about Changes – #NSNation Update – Week 18

Toxic Flip Flops: Another Reason Not To Shop At Walmart

I do not normally shop at Walmart due to the fact that they are nonunion. I live in Chicago which is a huge union town, and Bill prefers that I don't shop there. When I came across the story about the Toxic Flip Flops, I knew that I had to write about it. Kerry Stiles basically bought a pair of cheap flip flops from Walmart to wear. However, after wearing … [Read more...] about Toxic Flip Flops: Another Reason Not To Shop At Walmart

Playground Slide Warning!!!!

I just read this over at LaLaGirl's blog. Her daughter was going down a PLASTIC slide and got 2nd degree burns. It was only 85 degrees that day too (and only 11 am). She's got a picture of the burns. I feel so bad for her little one. She blogged about it to get the warning out to other parents, and I am passing on the word. I will definitely be more … [Read more...] about Playground Slide Warning!!!!