Wednesday’s Hero

SSgt. Brent Schneider From Amarillo, Texas 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment January 26, 2005 A Green Country military mom is especially proud of her soldier son. He's on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, and now he's been honored for his bravery under fire with a Silver Star. It's not his first medal. For a mother with a son in a war … [Read more...]

Madison Update: Influenza

I first need to thank Marisa and Kat for keeping me calm last night (I'll link you guys after I get some sleep tonight).  They kept me calm when Madison's fever spiked up to 105.7 last night.  We got it back down. However, her fever spiked back up around 2 this afternoon to 102.3 which at that point I called the doctor.  I then gave her some Motrin again.  … [Read more...]

Dentist Appointment Part II

You all may remember me posting about Madison last dentist appointment and how disastrous it was.  Today, we went to pediatric dentist, and I am still amazed how well she did.  I wouldn't have had to walk in back with her.  It went that well.  The dentist looked at her teeth and said they looked great.  There was no fighting, no pleading, no threatening.  She … [Read more...]

Madison’s visit to the dentist

I haven't blogged about this yet since I am still pretty upset over the whole situation. Madison had a dentist appointment on Friday. It was to get her teeth cleaned. She was terrified. This was a general dentistry office. Instead of trying to calm her down, they threatened her instead. They told her that if she didn't behave that they would kick me out … [Read more...]