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Catholic school

Money and Debt

Bill and I luck out. We've got a great credit score, and, I think, we manage our debt well. We actually hide money from ourselves for big purchases we need to make each year (homeowner's insurance, Catholic school tuition, etc). However, I do know that there are many people in this country who aren't as lucky as us. Through situations that are usually no … [Read more...] about Money and Debt

Gutzy Gear Giveaway!

Gutzy Gear is a fresh new way to give kids and tweens’ backpacks a cool but affordable makeover and is quickly becoming the hottest new trend for kids age 5-12! In fact, Gutzy Gear was recently featured on The Today Show and in US Weekly as one of the must-have kids products for back-to-school!  Gutzy Gear gives kids the power to express their personal style, … [Read more...] about Gutzy Gear Giveaway!

Doubting Thomas

I'm going to go somewhere on this blog that I really haven't before -- church.  As you all know, my daughter attends Catholic school.  Part of that deal is that we attend to church on Sundays (not that we didn't do that before.  However, I do have to admit that we go more now that she goes to school there).  I try not to go into too much religion here, … [Read more...] about Doubting Thomas