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American Weigh Scales Bamboo Digital Weight Scale

I hate weighing myself. Although, I do not think I know many women, if any, that actually like weighing themselves! I work out (a LOT) and still would rather see the difference in my clothes than see the numbers flashing in my face but since using the AWS 330 Eco scale, I really don’t mind weighing myself! This scale is super lightweight weighing in at 0.2 … [Read more...] about American Weigh Scales Bamboo Digital Weight Scale

African Cats

My family and I went to see African Cats last night. For those of you who haven't seen the preview yet, it's a true story about cats on African savanna. You've got Layla (a lioness), Mara (lion cub), Sita (cheetah) and her newborns. The story is truly about them and what it is like to try and survive. Here's a sneak peak: We had many … [Read more...] about African Cats


Most of us don't run to the doctors for everything. I've even been known on occasion to head to the natural food store to pick up homeopathic items to treat some of my conditions.  If this holds true for people, why not dogs too? If you'd like to use natural medicine for your pet, then PetAlive is your answer.  Natural medicine can help your pet just as it … [Read more...] about PetAlive

The Shopping Trip

Ok, so clothes shopping yesterday wasn't the end of the world. I actually found everything I needed at Target. I had a gift certificate (Thanks Ted!), so I used that to buy two pairs of shorts and two shirts. I bought myself a new pair of shoes too, since I could not find my sandals (which magically appeared after I got home). Normally trying to find … [Read more...] about The Shopping Trip