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Kiddie Catch All Giveaway!

Every so often, I come across products that I go, why didn't I think of that? The Kiddie Catch All is one of those products. With two kids, my van tends to be a mess.  To keep the clutter down, I've been using a Girl Scout Cookie box to scoop up all the kids toys and keep them in one spot.  We also do a lot of traveling to Wisconsin (which is a 4 hour … [Read more...] about Kiddie Catch All Giveaway!

Countdown To Christmas: Bazzle Baby

Another website you should check out if you are pregnant or know someone who is Bazzle Baby (actually, if you have a toddler check it out too!)  They have some of the most sylish awesome products there. Now, the first product of theirs I love is their Big Bib. This works great for babies. However, it works even better when your toddler is trying to feed … [Read more...] about Countdown To Christmas: Bazzle Baby

Snack Time!

I swear that my kids never quit eating.  Now, by looking at Madison, you would never guess that.  By looking at Will, you probably would.  As a mom, it is hard to decide what to give your kids as a snack.  I know that I don't want them eating chips.  Right now, my kids are cereal snack freaks.  They can easily finishing off a big box of cereal in less than a … [Read more...] about Snack Time!

Froot Loops Cereal Straws

If you just got done reading diet pill reviews, this is not a review you want to read. This doesn't fall under anything I personally would eat on diet. However, getting my 4 year old to drink milk is like pulling teeth, so anything that makes her want to drink is a good thing.  When I saw these (and the coupon I found helped too), I thought this … [Read more...] about Froot Loops Cereal Straws