Join me at the #FreshFinds Twitter Party! #shop #cbias

Join me at the #FreshFinds Twitter Party!I am totally excited to be involved in the next #FreshFinds Twitter Party where we are going to be talking about all things pumpkin! Seriously, who doesn't like pumpkin? There is just so much you can do with them! I love pumpkins. I love eating them. I love making crafts with them. Most of all, I love carving them. I ...continue reading

Starting my weight loss journey

Okay, I am putting myself on a diet.  Ok, not quite a diet.  It is a new product called Sensa.  I'll be honest -- I'd love to lose about a hundred pounds.  However, at this point, I would like any sort of weight loss.  My goal is to do an update post each week.  If I don't, somebody clock me upside my head and remind me.  Sensa is a product that allows you to ...continue reading

Mismatched outfits . . .Oh my!

Between my husband and my kids, I am amazed that I even go out in public with them.  :)  My husband has no idea what matches.  Some days he comes home from work, and I cringe when I see what he was wearing.  Unfortunately, Madison (my 4 year old) takes after him.  If you don't believe me, look at the picture to the left.  Granted, I have seen worse (I just ...continue reading

I’m Saving Babies Lives And So Can You


One of the things I have to write about the Pampers Mommy Blogger Event was meeting the CEO of Unicef Caryl Stern.  Pampers and Unicef have teamed together to rid the world of tetanus. When we got to talk with her, there was not a dry eye in the room.  Let me show you why:First, to get a better understanding, you need to watch this video.  I need to warn ...continue reading