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Books For Charity

Would you give your birthday presents up? Ryan Skarnulis did, and he is only 9 years old. Instead of the normal over-the-top birthday party, he wanted a charity party. He set out to collect 3,285 books to donate to Reach Out and Read. I know you are all wondering why 3,285 books. According to him, "When I turn 9, that's how many days I have been living, … [Read more...] about Books For Charity


I am sitting here trying to figure out when I need to wake Madison and Bill up for church. We are trying out a new church this morning. We really need to join a church here, so we can get the new baby baptized. Instead of just joining anywhere, I want to go to the church Bill picked out and make sure that I liked it. Hence, why we are going to church this … [Read more...] about Church