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Young Love #TheChoiceMovie

It is very hard to believe, but Bill and I will have been together 20 years this year!  As you can see, we were just babies when we met.  We always like to laugh and tell people we met at a church event.  Instead, we met in college.  The college Bill went to had a girl-to-boy ratio of 8 guys to one girl.  Great for me and my friends, … [Read more...] about Young Love #TheChoiceMovie

Mel Chemistry

Some days I love my job. There are other days my kids love my job. Today is a day we both what I do. At the Chicago Toy & Game Fair, I was able to meet some amazing entrepreneurs. One of the companies I fell in love with that day was Mel Chemistry. I actually went and talked to them for quite a while. I loved them so much I went and found Bill and the … [Read more...] about Mel Chemistry

Everything You Ever Wanted

I love books. I love to read. But I think many of us have different ways we choose the books we read. Some people like fiction or non fiction. Some people go by the synopsis on the back of the cover. I personally have no particular way of choosing what I read; if it sounds good or the cover grabs my attention, I will read it! Everything You Ever Wanted by … [Read more...] about Everything You Ever Wanted