Dust-Off Dusters

Dust-off compressed-gas dusters come in a variety of sizes that serve as maintenance tools for hundreds of applications and equipment. Dusters enable users to clean harmful dust and other contaminants out of hard-to-reach areas from electronics, computer equipment and automobiles, as well as other numerous applications. I personally love … [Read more...]

Weekly Sales Ads #NotGoingAnywhere

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I've been complaining on Facebook about my newspaper. The reason I complain is that we recently went from paying about $6 a week for 7 day service to having to pay $9.99 a week come February. I love having a newspaper. I love reading a newspaper that is right in front of me instead of what's online. Plus, I snip my coupons and I flip through the grocery ads … [Read more...]

Norton Online Family

We are a family that uses Norton on all of their computers, so I when I heard about Norton Online Family I knew I wanted to check it out.  For parents out there who need an easy way to see what their kids are doing online, Norton Online Family is what you need.  You can easily set up an account online and profiles for each of your family members.  You can … [Read more...]

The Princess Bride

My brother in law's most favorite movie of all time is The Princess Bride, so he was very jealous when he found out we got The Princess Bride game. This game works both on PCs and Macs, so everyone can play it.  If you have even seen the movie, you will love this game.  It stays true to the movie, and you'll find yourself laughing with the game.  The … [Read more...]