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Wednesday’s Hero

This Post Was Suggested By Michael Capt. Emil Kapaun 35 years old from Pilsen, Kansas 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry April 20, 1916 - May 23, 1951 Not only is Emil Joseph Kapaun to be awarded the Medal Of Honor on April 11 for his actions while a POW in North Korea in 1951, he's also being considered for Sainthood by the Catholic church. While being … [Read more...] about Wednesday’s Hero

I’ve been busy

I have seriously been neglecting this blog more than I wanted to.  The last two weeks have been crazy, and there is just so much stuff I have to get done every day.  It is enough to drive me crazy some days.  That being said, I realized I have yet to write about my Pampers experience.  So, the first thing I need to do is wave hi to all the fabulous bloggers I … [Read more...] about I’ve been busy

Kids and their bodily fluids

I thought that title would get your attention. Also, it serves as a great warning say if your are eating breakfast and don't want to hear about things like bodily fluids over your breakfast. Ok, on with the story . . . My bodily fluid day started at the doctors office. While being weighed, Will proceeded to pee all over the scale and me and the nurse … [Read more...] about Kids and their bodily fluids