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Out of the mouth of babes

I was cutting open a clamshell plastic wrapper for some triple A batteries last night (that I had to run out and get).  Madison's Leapster2 had gone dead, and she was whining.  Instead of paying attention to what I was doing, I was talking and looking at her when I did it.  I cut a nice little V in my thumb with blood squirting everywhere.  Madison's … [Read more...] about Out of the mouth of babes

What to do if your Leapster2 pen quits working?

We changed the batteries and Madison's Leapster tonight.  However, the pen/stylus quit working.  Here's how to fix it: 1) Ensure that a cartridge is not inserted 2) Hold down the Hint button while turning the unit on 3) When the LEAPSTER menu screen appears, press the A button 4) Touch each of the crosshairs that appear with the stylus 5) Restart … [Read more...] about What to do if your Leapster2 pen quits working?


The I-Turtle is for 8 years old and up, but we have had a ton a fun with it here. You can place the turtle in front of a speaker or plug in right into your iPod. Once you do that, the turtle will start swaying its head from side to side, taping its foot, and moving its shell up and down. The LEDs on the turles shell also flash in different patterns. All … [Read more...] about I-Turtle

Tuesday Contest Roundup

Win an 8GB Apple iPod Nano from the GadgetGobble Ipod Nano Giveaway! Win a a year's supply of free gas from Opinion Direct Free Gas for a Year Sweepstakes. Win a 3 day/2 night getaway for two to Orlando, Florida from Vacation Execs Orlando Getaway Sweepstakes! Win a $5,000 grocery store gift card from the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Veal … [Read more...] about Tuesday Contest Roundup