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Budget Cuts in Cook County

More than 1,000 Cook County employees will be losing their jobs. Most of them are in the law enforcement and in health. 13 health clinics will be closed. Instead of cutting management, they cut the front line people. This is such a joke. The budget was voted on at 3:oo am this morning. When people voted Todd Stroger in, I do not know what they were … [Read more...] about Budget Cuts in Cook County


How do I live in the only state in nation who cannot figure out how to get an accurate tally of the votes in a timely matter? We are still waiting to see who won for Cook County President here. The canidates are pissed and I do not blame them. At midnight last night, out of the 1700 districts not fully reported, 1600 of them were in Cook County. See a … [Read more...] about Voting