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Why I am no longer a PayU2Blog Blogger . . .and maybe why you shouldn’t be either

Now, I am not writing this to piss anyone off. I know I research companies before I work for them, and I just want to give you a point of view that you don't see unless you blog for them. Now, anyone who does blog for them won't ever post one bad word ever, because if you do, you will be kicked out (yes, I know people who this has happened to). If you … [Read more...] about Why I am no longer a PayU2Blog Blogger . . .and maybe why you shouldn’t be either

Madison and Sparky

Madison loves stickers, so when she saw that I got a sticker from Agency Bootcamp (this is a seminar I went to last week on how to leverage social media for brands. I went for my freelance position --not so much for my blogs. The cool thing is that I got to meet Corrin in person. I have known her for almost two years online, so it was weird yet cool when … [Read more...] about Madison and Sparky

Easter Giveaway

I wish I was as creative as Corrin is, so I could do giveaways like the above picture.  Alas, I am not, so instead I just enter them instead.   Isn't that Easter basket awesome?  I personally would want to see lots of chocolate in it.  M&Ms, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, you know things like that would be an excellent addition, don't you think?  I know Bill … [Read more...] about Easter Giveaway

Postie Carnival

I apologize that I haven't had a chance to read the submissions yet. I am in Miami working, and I don't have the free time I thought I would. Plus, the wifi isn't working. That being said, here you go: The best posts of the last year -- Skeet presents Secret cove posted at skeet's stuff. Lori presents Blogging Tools that Build a Better Blog posted … [Read more...] about Postie Carnival