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Mel Chemistry

Some days I love my job. There are other days my kids love my job. Today is a day we both what I do. At the Chicago Toy & Game Fair, I was able to meet some amazing entrepreneurs. One of the companies I fell in love with that day was Mel Chemistry. I actually went and talked to them for quite a while. I loved them so much I went and found Bill and the … [Read more...] about Mel Chemistry

Why Are You Driving To New York Instead Of Flying?

As many of you know, my family and I are heading to New York this summer to help the economy.  :)  Okay, more seriously, we are going to visit my sister-in-law and her new baby (he was born on March 1st).  However, I didn't want to fly for many reasons. I don't care how many times everybody keeps saying they don't pat down kids.  I have seen 100s of videos … [Read more...] about Why Are You Driving To New York Instead Of Flying?

Is it getting hot in here?

Since I turned 35 this year, I am officially old. To be honest, this is the first birthday that actually bothered me. In getting old, that means natural menopause is right around the corner. Now with my hormone issues that I have written about extensively in the past, I somewhat welcome this. However, that also means that I am old again. Sigh. I am … [Read more...] about Is it getting hot in here?

Rug Doctor Review

I may not have a ton of carpet in my house. However, what I have for carpet isn't pretty. With Madison's first communion right around the corner, I rented a Rug Doctor. The above picture is my basement stairs. Gross, I know. Those stains ended up there when we did Will's first birthday. Will will be 5 in June. I've tried everything under the sun to remove … [Read more...] about Rug Doctor Review