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Safety at Babies“R”Us

Safety is of the utmost importance to both parents like us and to places like Babies“R”Us and Toys“R”Us.  Our children are our most precious cargo we have in our vehicles and I know all of us would not be able to forgive ourselves if something happened to our children.  That is why I am so excited to tell you that the “Great Trade-In” … [Read more...] about Safety at Babies“R”Us

Helicopter Crash

Did you all hear about the helicopter crash that happened in Aurora, IL on Thursday?  I get upset everytime I hear about it, and since it is fairly local, it hits home.  We use to live in Aurora near Copley Hospital where I think this happened.  Also, as a mother, it breaks my heart to hear of a little one dying.  The little girl (who was one) was being taken … [Read more...] about Helicopter Crash

The Old Laptop

I know I didn't talk about it much on here, but my old laptop was not working right before I went to Miami. We ended up buying me a new one, and its good we did! Last week, we had to take it to the computer place to get looked at and the hard drive blew up! Unfortunately, they could not save anything off the old one no matter how much praying we did or how … [Read more...] about The Old Laptop

Positive Triple Screen Test

I discussed this somewhat on my other blog, but I figured I'd talk about it here too. Whenever I figure out how to combine both blogs, this may end up being a double post, but what ya gonna do. Let me give you a bit of history for those of you who do not know me. I use to be on Depo Provera. When I went off of it to try and get pregnant, I was under the … [Read more...] about Positive Triple Screen Test