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Important Will Update

He slept through the night last night!!! Woo hoo!!!!  I didn't even realize it till Bill's alarm clock went off this morning, and he asked me what time I got up with him.  Then, of course, I had to run to his room and check if he was still breathing (all you mothers know what I am talking about) which he was.  Cross your fingers that he does it again tonight! … [Read more...] about Important Will Update

lia sophia show

I have another lia sophia show tonight for a friend of my husband's family. This should be a good show. Besides Bill's aunts, there will be a whole new set of people there who haven't heard my speech. Cross your fingers, I really need some more bookings. I have redone my trays and have new jewelry from them to look at. I have also changed my little … [Read more...] about lia sophia show

This Week

We bought Madison's new mattresses over the holiday weekend. They are getting delivered today. I went out to Kmart and bought the Tinkerbell comforter and sheet set. It is sooo cute. I also bought a couple of waterproof mattress pads. I forgot how much they cost. And I forgot how much I hate the "we'll be there between 11 - 3". At the time, I said it … [Read more...] about This Week

Flu, Flu, Go Away

Sorry I haven't been on for a while. We had an eventful weekend. We ended up having to take Madison to the emergency room on Friday. It got to the point that she refused to eat or drink anything. She was also dry heaving about every half hour. It was bad. She ended up having to stay in the hospital overnight. Her bloodwork was funky. We go to the … [Read more...] about Flu, Flu, Go Away