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Saxony Grace

Meet Saxony Grace! She has looked everywhere and forever for her birthday present. Her parents try to teach her about patience, but Saxony Grace would rather skip that lesson! Will Saxony Grace finally learn what it means to be patient? Will patience be her birthday present? Saxony Grace hopes not, because she doesn't even like the sound of that word. This … [Read more...] about Saxony Grace

Road Rippers

Toy State has also created a fleet of ultra-cool custom-designed vehicles! These free-wheeling rides have a unique rotating speaker bed feature! Take the car for a spin, pop the hatch and enjoy cool tunes matched with each of the 3 unique speaker bed designs. Available in Ford Fiesta and Mini Countryman WRC styles. This is for kids 3+, and that is the … [Read more...] about Road Rippers

Hooligan Bear Series Giveaway!

Hooligan Bear is a collection of children's books based on Hooligan and his nephew Little Louie written by Hollywood producer Ian Toynton. The two little bears live on a shelf in a factory and get into different adventures throughout the series, with themes/lessons revolving around friendship, love, caring, sharing, and togetherness. The age bracket for … [Read more...] about Hooligan Bear Series Giveaway!

Terrance Texter Adventures in Mobile Phone Land

In the world today, cell phones are the "in" thing. This book should fit right in. Mobile Phone Land is a happy place where each citizen age ten and up have a cell phone. This land is governed by a queen called Miss Toadd. (Toadd is spelled with two D's because of the author's nonprofit TOADD - Texting Organization Against Districted Driving). Her mission is … [Read more...] about Terrance Texter Adventures in Mobile Phone Land