Mohawk Home Rug Giveaway

As many of you may know, the majority of my house is hardwood.  My bedroom and Madison's bedroom are the only ones with carpet, so we could definitely use rugs in our other rooms.  That is why I was excited to try out a new Mohawk Home Rug.  This is what my living room looks like:Yes, it is a beautiful wood floor. However, the room is a tad blah. I'll be ...continue reading

Helping Out and Updating

We had an awesome weekend this weekend.  My sister and I promised my mom about 2 years ago that we would paint her living room and hallway.  This had not been done in about 30 years, so it was well overdue.  We finally had a free weekend, so off to Green Bay we went.My sister had taped everything, so we could start first thing Saturday morning.  The ...continue reading

Transform Your Bedroom with These Four Top Tips

This is a guest post.Clear The ClutterBedrooms are magnets for clutter. Since most of us tend to spend very little time awake in the room, we think nothing of throwing clothes on the floor or leaving the bed unmade as we head out the door. Yet the old saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ really does ring true, and a cluttered room is actually able to impact ...continue reading

Window Coverings

This is my front window:I actually took this picture shortly after this window was installed (that's why my furniture is in the middle of the room, and there are no curtains up or anything). I have been struggling since we move in here about what do with this window. It is so big that it is quite expensive to do anything. Whatever I decide has to ...continue reading