Great Customer Service with Jewel

2014-01-29 19.49.15

Just to show you that I really do shop at Jewel I snapped a quick picture of my receipt from grocery shopping yesterday. Yes, that is what happens when -50 windchills hit your area, and your kids get 2 snow days. You end up eating yourself out of house and home! Seriously! After I dropped the kids off to school, I had an amazing shopping trip. Jewel … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas: allPopart

If you are looking for a unique gift for either yourself or your family, then allPopart is a place you need to check out.  They take pictures that you send in and turn them into beautiful pieces of art.  We personally chose the 4 panel Warhol style for the kids pictures.  However, they have so many styles to choose from that you can easily spend an hour or … [Read more...]

That Baby CD and DVD Giveaway

Back in April, I wrote a review on the That Baby CD and DVD.  They both are still a huge hit in my house.  The part I love most about the songs that are on there is that they aren't kid songs.  You won't find yourself climbing the walls with some sing songy tunes.  These are covers written by some of the best artists of our time:  Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, … [Read more...]