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Say hello to my little friend

Ok. It is not so little but still just as awesome. What am I talking about? My new mattresses just got delivered. This is huge! They were suppose to be here between 12 and 4 and got here at 12. How is that for customer service? I wrote a review on Darvin Furniture a couple of days ago regarding our great experience. All I can say is that I am … [Read more...] about Say hello to my little friend


Gotta give a shout out to NetGear. They are awesome. Their customer service is awesome. I was 3 days away from voiding my year warranty on my router when I called. They sent me a new one, and my router is now working!! Woo hoo. Bill was getting really sick of having my computer in the kitchen, and I hated being wired to the wall. All I have to say … [Read more...] about Netgear