Weekend In Review

We are back from Green Bay. Kari -- my sister -- bachelorette party was Saturday night (the whole reason we went up). So was Andy's (Kari's fiance) party. Everything went well. Nobody got arrested and everyone seemed to have a good time. My mom watched Madison for us and the little stinker actually slept. When we are there, she doesn't sleep at all in ...continue reading


So the laborers went on strike here. What does that mean? Well, Bill works at a construction site right now. And where we live, if one union goes on strike they all do. Since Bill is management, he can cross the line. However, besides a few project managers, there's nobody at work. Kari (my sister's) bachelorette party is this weekend. I'll have to ...continue reading

Sunday night

I picked out the paint colors for Madison's new bedroom. I think we decided on a Tinkerbell theme. Bill's got issues with princesses and I just can't see Madison with a pink room. I am going to be using 3 different shades of purple for her room. It'll be fun. I wanted to start painting tonight, but after taking out all the nails and crap that were in the ...continue reading