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Bad, Bad, Bad Sunday

I hate when your day starts off so well and then quickly goes downhill from there.  Sunday morning was one of those days.  Sunday started with the kids sleeping in till ten.  Yes, ten.  I was just as surprised.  I also decided that we were going to go to church.  I swear my husband is sometimes worse than the kids because he whined more than they did.  My … [Read more...] about Bad, Bad, Bad Sunday

Day In Review

For those of you not on Twitter, yesterday was not a good day.  Actually, we should go back to Monday.  Monday was Madison's birthday.  Bill ended up working late, and we had some really nasty storms come through.  We had promised Madison that we were going to be going to Denny's for her favorite:  Alien Pancakes.  However, it was storming and hailing at … [Read more...] about Day In Review

Rachel Ray Update

We are going to be on tomorrow's show. This one we will be in the audience for the celebrity guest who was Denny from Grey's Anatomy. When I know the date of the pizza showdown, I will let you all know. EDIT: I guess you would need to know what I look like to see me on there. LOL Hint: I am not the bride in this pic. :) … [Read more...] about Rachel Ray Update

We are back!!!

I feel like crap right now, so this may end up being a short post. Or I might get going and this may take a while. :) For those of you who do not know what is going on, I am going to do a short recap. About a month ago, I saw a little segment on CBS 2 Chicago news that Rachel Ray was doing a show about pizza and who had the best pizza: Chicago or New … [Read more...] about We are back!!!