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Countdown To Christmas: Carson Dellosa Games

Chicken Count is a game for kids 4 and up.  It doesn't require any reading, so for us, it made it a lot easier for Madison to play.  Your goal is to collect the most chickens by the chicken coop is built.  It is pretty easy.  You draw cards.  If you get a chicken card, you keep it.  If you get a chicken coop card, you pick a chicken coop piece and place it on … [Read more...] about Countdown To Christmas: Carson Dellosa Games

Wall E

If you haven't seen Wall-E yet, what are you waiting for?  Yes, this movie is that good.  I highly recommend running out and seeing it as soon as you get a chance. Wall E is about the earth in the future.  It has been abandoned due to us not taking care of it.  There are mounds of garbage  the size of skyscrapers.  Wall-E is a garbage collecting robot that … [Read more...] about Wall E

Children’s Programming

Children's programming is not what it use to be. I remember being a child and your only choice was Sesame Street. Nowadays, you have stations like Noggin and Nick Jr. who are dedicated to children's program. My daughter does not even really like Sesame Street. Some of Madison's favorite shows include Upside Down Show and Wonder Pets. I actually TIVO … [Read more...] about Children’s Programming

Tenacious D in The Pick Of Destiny

Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny is the other movie Bill rented this weekend. He giggled like a girl throughout this movie. I personally found it quite dumb. If you are a Tenacious D fan, you will love this movie. It has a lot of stars in it too. You have Jack Black, Tim Robbins, Dave Grohl, Ben Stiller, Meatloaf, and John C Reilly to name a few. I am … [Read more...] about Tenacious D in The Pick Of Destiny