The Basement Remodel: The Entire Story

So you don't have to search my entire blog to see all the step we took to get the basement done, I have done all the hard work for you.  Below is a list of all the posts I did while the basement was getting done.  You can really see how it all came together: Waterproofing - Day 1 Waterproofing - Day 2 Framing The Bathroom Drywall Windows, … [Read more...]

The Basement Remodel: Not going to be done today

Yes, I repeat:  The basement is not going to be done today.  Yes, I am freaking out.  I am having a 1 year old birthday party in about a week with a ton of people, and there is no way it is going to be done.  None.  Needless to say, not happy here.  Several things happened that were not planned that are causing this to happen.  First, we ended up having to … [Read more...]

The Basement Remodel: More Drywall

As you can see from this first picture, I no longer have an opening for the kids to fall through when you are going down the stairs (which is a good thing -- its one of the first things I asked for when we decided to remodel the basement). They have almost all the drywall done now too. The bathroom is still a work in progress. And they have started on the … [Read more...]

The Basement Remodel: Windows and More Drywall

I took these pictures yesterday.  Slowly but surely the basement is coming alone. As you can see, we got some new windows on the side of the house, and they were able to complete more of the drywall on the walls.  They also drywalled almost the entire ceiling.  It looks nice.   Since we are trying to get this done before Will's birthday, I am … [Read more...]