Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation – East Meets West

Calling all Ninja Turtles fans! Get ready for more memorable adventures with the Ninja Turtles! Ninja Turtles The Next Mutation: East Meets West was just released on DVD.  It features the first seven episodes of the popular series.  Will is a huge Ninja Turtles fan, so needless to say that this was a huge hit in my house!For those who ...continue reading

Slugterra: Heroes of the Underground

Slugterra: Heroes of the Underground is the all-new DVD collection of Nerd Corp’s highly popular animated action series! Delivering five action-filled episodes and captivating entertainment that kids are sure to enjoy, the DVD will also feature bonus content including a look behind the scenes of Slugterra, plus bonus animated Slugisodes.Haven't heard of ...continue reading

Transformers Prime: Ultimate Bumblebee

Transformers Prime: Ultimate Bumblebee is one of my son's favorite movies.  He is a huge Bumblebee fan, so this DVD was right up his alley.Bumblebee, a dedicated member of the squad led by Optimus Prime, is a Transformers character beloved by fans of all ages. Don't let his size or age fool you. Bumblebee continues to prove his bravery time and time ...continue reading

Mickey Mouse ClubHouse: Minnie-Rella

Our pals need to get Minnie a surprise present, so they keep her busy with plenty of chores to do at the Clubhouse. Tired from so much work, Minnie falls asleep and dreams that she is MINNIE-RELLA! Inspired by the fairy tale of Cinderella, the story of Minnie-rella sparkles with music and fun as we recognize our favorite Clubhouse characters in familiar ...continue reading